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Grand Pacific signs on as Master Distributor of Cogsdill Tools in China

Cogsdill Tools Products, a premier tool maker since 1914, with UK based subsidiary, Cogsdill-Nuneaton, design and manufacture specialty tooling for the metal machining industry.  (www.cogsdill.com)

  • Roller Burnishing Tools and Machines
  • Hole Deburring Tool and Back Spot Facing Tools
  • Shefcut Precision Reamer and Precision Boring Tools
  •  Automatic Recessing Tools and Generating Heads
  • ZX system, for Boring, Facing, Contouring operations in One Step

Cogsdill and Grand Pacific have formed a sales and marketing partnership, to jointly develop Cogsdill’s China business.  And as Cogsdill’s China Master Distributor and Agent.   We are actively promoting Cogsdill’s products and application throughout the Aviation and Metal Machining industry.

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