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> Carbide and PCD tipped drill bit, reamer, milling cutter
   countersink, hole saws and other cutting tools
> For processing glass fiber, carbon fiber, Kevlar and
   other composite materials

GP provides Leading Edge Technology in drilling and machining Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers (GFRP) materials. GP provides you solution for “stack” layered materials comprised of Carbon or Glass Fiber to metals such as Aluminum, Titanium, or Stainless Steel.
Carbide Composite Drill ( 8 facet drills )
1.       Proven design of unique drill point geometry reduces thrust and torque.   Lowers cutting temperatures and reduces delamination and splintering.
2.       Designed for drilling both Composite and Composite/Aluminum materials
3.       Carbide (coatings available upon request) with coating option, for increased tool life and reduced cost per hole
4.       Internal coolant option also available.
Composite Hand Drill ( one shot drill/reamer, straight flute )
1.       For hand drilling application, provides smooth breakthrough when compared with conventional drills
2.       Reduced risk of delamination and splintering
3.       Good Quality holes, for CFRP + CFRP stack application
PCD Tipped Drills
1.       Reduces cutting forces
2.       Eliminate delamination and splintering
3.       Increased productivity with higher speeds and feeds
4.       Achieve superior hole surface finish and quality
5.       Longer tool life
6.       reduced cost per hole
PCD Reamers
1.       Manufactured to precise tolerances
2.       Used when precise hole accuracy, concentricity, and roundness are required.
PCD countersinks
1.       Longer tool life against traditional carbide countersinks
2.       Available with Integrated Pilot or Replaceable pilot to enable numerous pilot diameters to be used with the same countersink
PCD & Carbide End Mills & Routers
1.       For High speed milling and Routing of highly abrasive materials
2.       Rigid design reduces chatter and improve component surface finish
3.       Significant increase in tool life over carbide milling cutters
4.       Straight flute and angled flute designs are available
Engineered Specials
GP offer the expertise and flexibility needed to evolve with today’s changing market requirement.
Machining application differs greatly from customer to customer, and composite stack material presents many challenges. GP works in partnership with each supplier to ensure that each customer receives optimized tooling solution for each individual application. 
Each tailored solution involves an extensive amount of development work on cutting tool geometry, material substrates, and various coating options. 
Long term project success entails, careful selection and testing of the drilling and machining process, and normally involves extensive testing, then small batch production, eventually leading to Specific designed drilling process, combining power tools with unique tooling solutions to successfully meet specific customer application requirements.
Ask about our rapid service for short lead time manufacture of carbide special products.
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   Honeycomb cutting tools
  > The world’s leading status of honeycomb cutting tools
> For slotting, contouring, carving and chamfering cuts of
   honeycomb materials
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