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Riveting Tools
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Material Removal & Polishing Tools
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  Material Removal & Polishing Tools  
   Material Removal Air tools & Accessories
  > Pneumatic saws and saw blades, pneumatic trim
   shears, pneumatic double cut shears. 
> Pneumatic rivet shavers, pneumatic weld shaver.
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   Grinding & Sanding Tools & Accessories
  > All kinds of precision turbine grinder, orbital action
> Abrasive discs and disc holders, wheels
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  > World-wide series of optimal quality (SA-SN)
metric and imperial burs
> Solid Carbide materials, seven fluting styles
for your choice.
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   Deburring Tools
  > High-production deburring operation.
> For CNC machine manual pneumatic drilling
replaceable blade, low cost and simple operation
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   Roller Burnishing Tool

> Roller burnishing is a surface finishing technique in which hardened,highly polished steel rollers are   brought into pressure contact with asofter piece part.
> Our tools are applied to a wide variety of partconfigurations, including:
● Inside diameters (holes)
● Outside diameters (shafts)
● Flat surfaces
● Tapers
● Spherical surfaces and contours
● Fillets (radii at shoulders)

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