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Power Tool Repair Service
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  Power Tool Repair Service  
Grand Pacific offers complete tool repair and refurbishment capability for pneumatic power tools.  We have the ability to service most maker and model, as long as the spare parts are still available.  We are experienced to repair the simplest air drills, riveting tools, to the most complicated Positive Feed Drilling Equipment. Our Service Professionals have many years of industry experience and are factory trained to perform the reconditioning service in efficient manner.

We repair the following tools:
●  Straight and Pistol Drills
●  Hi-Lok tools
●  Positive Feed Drills (Quackenbush)
●  Rivet tools
●  Peck Feed Drills, Spacematics
●  Compression Squeezers
●  Nut Plate Drill Motors
●  Pneumatic Screwdrivers
●  Torque controlled tools Grinders
●  Pulling Guns



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